How taking the coach can lower your carbon footprint

In a changing world, we’re all taking steps to live more sustainably, and here at Happy Bus, we're always striving to make small changes to how we do things in order to contribute to a greener future. We've listed below some of the key ways that taking the coach can help you to make a personal contribution to the environment.

Reduce air pollution

Choosing the coach over taking your car means you are helping to reduce air pollution because opting for public transport produces significantly less air pollution per mile than a single car carrying a single passenger. In fact, it is said that a standard 5 door car holding 4 passengers produces twice as much CO2 emissions per passenger compared to a coach at full capacity.

Increase fuel efficiency

Opting for the coach means you are contributing to a more efficient fuel per passenger mile. What’s more, many of our coaches are powered by the latest highly efficient and low-emission engines which means we can get you there quickly, effectively, and in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Reduce traffic congestion

Travelling by coach also contributes to reducing congestion on our roads. With less traffic, we can get you to your destination faster and more efficiently, resulting in lower emissions overall.

As you look to plan your next trip, consider taking a coach and you can relax in the knowledge that you're doing your bit to look after our environment as you travel around . 



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